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Limited 2LP: Clear Vinyl

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First ever release on vinyl. “Take The Leap!” (1994) saw Toyah revisit some of her classic hits – “It’s A Mystery”, “Thunder In The Mountains” and “I Wanna Be Free” – as well as earlier punk material in a heavy rock style.

Six original compositions also feature, written with Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo), Cris Bonacci (Girls School) and Simon Darlow (Buggles). Includes previously unseen photography and adds five revisited classics on Side Four.

  1. Now I’m Running
  2. Lust For Love
  3. Invisible Love
  4. Name Of Love
  5. Winter In Wonderland
  6. God Ceases To Dream
  7. IEYA
  8. Waiting
  9. Neon Womb
  10. Elusive Stranger
  11. Our Movie
  12. Thunder In The Mountains
  13. I Wanna Be Free
  14. It’s A Mystery
  15. Be Proud, Be Loud, Be Heard [Revisited version]
  16. Desire [Revisited version]
  17. Obsolete [Revisited version]
  18. Angel & Me [Revisited version]
  19. Danced [Revisited version]