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Toronto’s PACKS make music that’s like leafing through a diary entry of a time without visible movement, a subtle beauty that appears only when paying close attention.  

The band’s debut is a collection of songs that marry the loose but incisive jangle of early Pavement with the barbed sweetness of Sebadoh and the wide eyed wonder of the first Shins LP. Written in two different settings, between the city limits of Toronto where Link  was living in 2019, and the Ottawa suburbs where she was quarantined with her parents in the spring 2020, both remain complementary emblems of self reflection and wry observation of the mundanity of daily life.


Divine Giggling / Clingfilm / Two Hands / New TV / Hangman / My Dream / Hold My Hand / Holy Water / Silvertongue / Blown by the Wind / U Can Wish All U Want