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Electric Warrior

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The album that essentially kick-started the U.K. glam rock craze, Electric Warrior completes T. Rex's transformation from hippie folk-rockers into flamboyant avatars of trashy rock & roll. There are a few vestiges of those early days remaining in the acoustic-driven ballads, but Electric Warrior spends most of its time in a swinging, hip-shaking groove powered by Marc Bolan's warm electric guitar. The music recalls not just the catchy simplicity of early rock & roll, but also the implicit sexuality -- except that here, Bolan gleefully hauls it to the surface, singing out loud what was once only communicated through the shimmying beat.


The Original Album
1 Mambo Sun 3:38
2 Cosmic Dancer 4:27
3 Jeepster 4:10
4 Monolith 3:35
5 Lean Woman Blues 3:00
6 Get It On 4:25
7 Planet Queen 3:11
8 Girl 2:30
9 The Motivator 3:59
10 Life's A Gas 2:22
11 Rip Off 3:39
Singles 'A' & 'B' Sides
12 There Was A Time / Raw Ramp 5:14
13 Hot Love 4:55
14 Woodland Rock 2:26
15 The King Of The Mountain Cometh 3:53