Synthetic Era

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Welcome to the new era of KAMBRIUM. A new musical world will be entered. Standstill is not an option! Modern synthwave sounds meet a precisely timed drum machine, guitars become clocks of new cyber hardness and diabolic vocals fight against the bright voices of futuristic euphoria. All this encloses the familiar core of Kambrium: Epic Death Metal. The gloomy vision of the future has become reality. Corruption and treason rule the world. In divided society, everyone fights for survival. Especially in the dystopian underworld, violence and murder are daily occurrences. But if you look up, through the nightly rain, past the advertising holograms on the exterior walls, the black markets, the neon lights reflecting in the puddles of the street, the morbid beauty of this scenery, you do not see the sky, but a second society - split off from the rest. A society whose aim it is to represent absolute perfection. Physical modifications and neurological biochip implants created a utopia never known before. Empires of the most diverse corporations grew and were torn down again by competitors. The all-encompassing Cybernet no longer exists due to these wars. VR brain chips are the only way to escape the dreary world, but they are addictive.

1. Neon Death (Intro)
2. Cybernetic Overload
3. Shadow Construct
4. Creator Of Dreams
5. Nature, Error: 404
6. Ghost Of The Machine
7. To The Core
8. Holographic Satisfaction
9. Synthetic Era
10. Nightly Beast Mode
11. Transcendence
12. After It All