Sweatson Klank

Super Natural Delights

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The 3rd album from Los Angeles native Sweatson Klank, stepping away from the 'future bass' tag and focusing here on a more soulful West Coast sound.
Here the multi-instrumentalist and producer plays guitars, bass, horns, flutes, and vibraphone, alongside analog synthesizers, drum machines and samples, forming a dreamy, feelgood record that pays homage to the past while pushing good vibes forward in a distinctly smooth West Coast style.
1. Relax For A Living

2. Walking On Air

3. What A Night

4. Brilliant Blue

5. Island Life Calling

6. Low Moon

7. With Respect

8. Italian Afternoons

9. Fat Cookie

10. Moving Inward

11. Bananas In The Canyon

12. Ubiquitous