Katelyn Tarver

Subject To Change

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On her new album Subject to Change, Katelyn Tarver emerges as the rare kind of artist capable of capturing the most painful truths in impossibly lovely pop songs. With a bracing specificity that strikes every raw nerve, the Glennville, Georgia-born and now Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter documents a turbulent period in her recent past, shedding light on all the grief and confusion and lost sense of self. Infinitely brightened by her radiant voice, the result is the musical equivalent of a brutally honest conversation with a close friend—one that leaves you undeniably rattled but with a renewed clarity and deeper understanding of your own chaotic heart. On Subject to Change, Tarver embarks on a bold new era in her musical evolution, setting her exacting self-reflection to a gorgeously nuanced sound.

1. Back To You
2. Nicer
3. Downhill From Here
4. All Our Friends Are Splitting Up
5. Shit Happens

6. Year From Now
7. Out of Excuses
8. Hurt Like That
9. At The Same Time
10. Glad I Got You
11. When I Leave Home