Viagra Boys

Street Worms

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Limited LP : Limited edition transparent vinyl

CD : Includes 5 bonus tracks

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First release outside of Sweden of last year's debut album from Stockholm's Viagra Boys.

Now on CD for the first time and with 5 additional tracks (available as a download with the LP).

Vocalist Sebastian Murphy comes over as an even more demented Iggy Pop (no bad thing).

Contains one of the best lyrics of the year:

"It was all a dream, but it was so nice. I had a nice house and such a lovely wife. We had a little dog, such a little dog, it reminded me of a large dog. Just a miniature size."


Down In The Basement
Slow Learner
Best In Show
Just Like You
Shrimp Shack

CD Only (available via download on LP):
Jungle Man
Beijing Taxi
Up All Night
Special Helmet
I Ain't Living Long Like This