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Stranger Things Theme/Halloween Theme

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Steel drum cover of “Stranger Things Theme”. Steel drum cover of John Carpenter’s “Halloween Theme”. Limited edition Pumpkin Orange Colored Vinyl is for Indies only. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band come in heavy with a two-sider for the Halloween season that is sure to get the masquerade ball moving. Side A is their cover of “Stranger Things Theme” where they play the top line on steel pans with echoed out guitar chanks and sound effects that haunt the track. This is the second time they take on a popular TV theme song and both times they knocked it out of the park. They manage to keep the eerie vibe but their cover takes on a more hypnotizing tone than the original. On side B they take on a tried and true October 31st classic…John Carpenter’s iconic “Halloween Theme” and they do it up in a disco four on the ­oor style that is guaranteed to get spins at Halloween parties from now til in‑nity. Get the ghouls and the ghosts off their seats…


Stranger Things Theme
Halloween Theme