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LP : Clear vinyl

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"Starmaker" is inspired by the Joni Mitchell classic ‘Free Man in Paris,’ which is an ode to the stresses of having to play the game of the music industry. Co-written with his wife, Alana Pagnutti, the album is not a commentary on Mitchell’s words but it explores similar ideas about fame, fortune and failure. “I'm the starmaker,” he offers. “These songs are primarily about my journey to create them. The album as a whole, is about my relationship with my wife and loved ones in the search of this success and fame.”

The majority of songs on 'Starmaker' embrace contradictions and dichotomies in both subject matter and style. Love and sadness, melancholia and happiness, success and failure, come in and out of focus. ‘Something Relative,’ is an elegantly simple ballad about a friend of Harper’s that died of an overdose. The sparse picked guitar contrasts the flowing, melodic strings as Harper hopefully sings about his lost friend. ‘Tomorrow Never Comes,’ a Big Star meets The Eagles turned krautrock instant classic, speaks to the early days of Harper and his wife’s long-distance relationship; the happiness of finding someone you love tarnished by the eventuality of having to say goodbye. 

1 Green Shadows
2 In Light Of Us
3 The Day it Rained Forever
4 Something Relative
5 Tired Tower
6 Suzuki Dreams
7 Vaguely Satisfied
8 Someone Else’s Dream (ft. Austra)
9 Tomorrow Never Comes
10 Strawberry Lite
11 Starmaker (ft. Sébastien Tellier)