Graham Parker

Squeezing Out Sparks - Solo Acoustic 40th Anniversary

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Graham Parker revisits his classic "Squeeaing Out The Sparks" album for it's 40th anniversary with a set of solo acoustic versions.
The original album is featured in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time and is often considered to be one of the seminal rock albums of the late 70’s.

Contains "Mercury Poisoning" which was not featured on the original "Squeezing Out Sparks" LP but was released as a stand-alone single around the time.
1. Discovering Japan - Acoustic

2. Local Girls - Acoustic

3. Nobody Hurts You - Acoustic

4. You Can't Be Too Strong - Acoustic

5. Passion Is No Ordinary Word - Acoustic

6. Saturday Nite Is Dead - Acoustic

7. Love Gets You Twisted - Acoustic

8. Protection - Acoustic

9. Waiting For The UFOs - Acoustic

10. Don't Get Excited - Acoustic

11. Mercury Poisoning - Acoustic