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If psudoku’s previous album “deep space psudokument” had a third side, this would be it. On report from the 10th dimension, futuristic 70s progressive grind is once again consolidated with surf rock and electronic classical. Prepare for raging interstellar speed and dense musical information overload. For fans of netjajev society system, O.L.D., Bal-sagoth and magma. The parlamentarisk sodomi side is entitled demo 2018 and is the first ps demo since 2007. This is 11 crude, straightforward and fast hc/grind/noise tunes partially recorded on cassette. For fans of siege, rupture, denak and ulcerrhoea.




  1. Psudoku - Slaughter_in_10d
  2. Psudoku - Romferge_2121 
  3. Psudoku - Tenkbnpo*
  4. Psudoku - M__agmitbx
  5. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Hyperaktiv D¿dsbistand
  6. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Rektal Inkluderingsdugnad
  7. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Analt Bakteppe
  8. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Onanisme Blant Navngitte Norske Ordf¿rere
  9. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Ultra-Sannsynlig Verdenskrig
  10. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Nekrofili I Toppledelsen Hos Hvert Eneste Norske Multinasjonale Selskap 
  11. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Fremragende Kriseha 778
  12. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Sentralmottak For Kadaveravfall
  13. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Destruering Av D¿de Dyr Og Fordervet Mat
  14. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Diy = Piy
  15. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Usa + Nato + Eu = Bdsm