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Limited LP : Robot Pink Vinyl

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Sophomore is the second album from Sunglasses Kid. Following his debut release, Graduation, Sunglasses Kid continues to explore the world of high school movies and 80s & 90s teen culture with Sophomore.

Sophomore features Ollie Wride, Primo The Alien, Jay Diggs, Miranda Carey, SJ Bravo, Megan McDuffee, IVERSEN, Tim Cappello, All The Damn Vampires, Phaserland, HOLOFLASH and Pulsar.Sax.

Set during the night of Graduation, the students at "Hellview" High are about to wake up the quiet and affluent suburb of Grosse Pointe with a party to end all parties. Will you make it to the end of the album before the Principal knocks on your front door?


01 Meanwhile in Grosse Pointe - Sunglasses Kid
02 Steal My Love - Miranda Carey and Sunglasses Kid
03 Chill - Jay Diggs and Sunglasses Kid feat. Johnny Silva
04 Sophomores - Sunglasses Kid feat. HOLOFLASH
05 Fixing Me With Love - Primo The Alien and Sunglasses Kid
06 Listen To Your Heart - SJBRAVO and Sunglasses Kid feat. Phaserland
07 Stranger Love - Ollie Wride and Sunglasses Kid
08 April Fool - IVERSEN and Sunglasses Kid
09 Neverending Dream - Megan McDuffee and Sunglasses Kid feat. Tim Cappello and All The Damn Vampires
10 Cold Hearted - SJBRAVO and Sunglasses Kid
11 Summer Breeze - Miranda Carey and Sunglasses Kid feat. Pulsar.sax