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Songs Of The Spires

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Debut album from Leslie Bohem and David Kendrick (Sparks/Devo) featuring the hit “Are You Ready For The Sex Girls?” Original album produced by Stephen Hague (Pet Shop Boys, New Order, O. M. D.), plus 10 bonus tracks including 6 previous unissued songs produced by Andrew Gold Packaging contains photos, lyrics, and a new essay from set co-producer Chaim O’Brien-Blumenthal, plus interviews with and track by track commentary from Bohem and Kendrick. Leslie Bohem and David Kendrick met in the late ‘70s when David saw Les’ band Bates Motel. Kendrick joined as the band’s drummer. They soon entered the studio with musician/producer, Andrew Gold, to capture their repertoire on tape. They met Ron and Russel Mael of Sparks in 1980 and invited them to come see the band. But, instead of the brothers producing them, they asked Leslie and David to join Sparks. While on tour with Sparks in Germany, Leslie and David continued writing songs, and upon their return, demoed them with Jules & The Polar Bears member, Stephen Hague.

Songs Of The Spires was released in 1981. This new, expanded edition of Songs Of The Spires is produced for release by David Kendrick, Chaim O’Brien-Blumenthal, and Grammy®-winner Cheryl Pawelski. It features the original album tracks, a rare B-side, the Life Out On The Lawn P, and 6 previously unissued Bates Motel tracks from their sessions with Andrew Gold. Packaging features expanded artwork, lyrics, photos, an essay from O’Brien-Blumenthal, plus interviews and track by track commentary from Bohem and Kendrick.


1. Going Hey Hey
2. Are You Ready For The Sex Girls?
3. While We Can
4. When Love Goes Under Glass
5. The End Of All Good Things
6. Watch Your Blood Beat
7. How To Get Girls Thru Hypnotism
8. Talking In The Dark
9. Big Hotels

10. The Way Marlena Moves [Bonus Track]
11. Real Time [Bonus Track]
12. Only The Young Die Young [Bonus Track]
13. Dedication [Bonus Track]
14. Unexpected Overnighters [Bonus Track]
15. Real Love [Bonus Track]
16. Life Out On The Lawn [Bonus Track]
17. Somewhere [Bonus Track]
18. Passion Pit [Bonus Track]
19. Walk Right [Bonus Track]