Somewhere In-Between

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Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood but grounded in East London culture sees Eloise release ‘Somewhere In-Between’ - her debut physical release - and the follow up to critically acclaimed EP ‘This Thing Called Living’, released in the summer of 2019. Eloise has already managed to accumulate over 25M streams; 100K fans across her social media channels, perform more than 100 live shows, as well as receiving kudos from Billie Eilish for her lyricism and songwriting.

“Somewhere In-Between is my love letter to love and its woes. It’s mainly a collection of songs that I wrote from a place of hindsight, reflection and acceptance. A lot of the themes of this body of work are of longing and aching for yesterdays and its possibilities. I think that the different shades and angles of romance aren’t often enough explored. We so often hear songs about the hurt or the lust and I know when I’ve been heartbroken in the past, I didn’t feel like there was enough music that represented the specific types of things I was feeling. That’s why I wanted to write these songs. I want people who hear them to feel heard. I want people to know that love is so messy and we don’t always get it right and that’s okay. We are all humans without a clue, trying to navigate staying happy and alive... And if you’re lucky, love is what happens in between. The world is filled with love songs and we might not need anymore but love and I have been going steady for 21 years now and it will probably always be my muse."


Bienvenue / Hungover / Enough / Trick Of The Moon / Intertwined / Who’s She / BAMO / Wanderlust / Lines