Some Music For Robby Müller

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Limited LP : Limited edition gold vinyl

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“These recordings were made by SQÜRL to provide the score to the documentary film "Living The Light" by Claire Pijman. The subject of Claire’s film is Robby Müller, the unparalleled Dutch cinematographer and poet of light whose work includes: "Paris Texas", "Dead Man", "Breaking The Waves", "Barfly", "24 Hour Party People" and at least 70 other remarkable films. He also produced many still photographs, like these luminous Polaroids on the jacket of this vinyl recording. Claire Pijman is also Dutch, and also a cinematographer. Her film is, happily, not a conventional or formulaic documentary, but more a personal essay focused on Robby’s vision, his gathered images, and his approach to light, to storytelling and to life itself. "Living The Light" has now been screened at numerous important film festivals around the world, and was recently awarded the top prize for best feature documentary at the Netherlands Film Festival.


1. Robby’s Theme (2:48)
2. Dutch Light on Silver Water (7:08)
3. In a Lonely Place (3:54)
4. Magic Hour (4:31)
5. While Vermeer Was Sleeping (9:22)
6. Robby’s Theme (Variation) (2:48)