The End

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Los Angeles producer Shlohmo (AKA Henry Laufer) returns with his first full new album in 4 years (although he has been pretty busy with the collaborations and remixes since). This time, the tracks have taken on an apocalyptic theme and examine "The fake peace of insularity during chaos" and a state of calm when surrounded by dread.

Lots of artists in the USA seem to be dealing with Armageddon-related themes. Maybe it's something to do with the President....


  1. Rock Music

  2. The End

  3. Hopeless

  4. Eating Away

  5. Headache Of The Year

  6. Ungrateful

  7. Staring At A Wall

  8. We Sat In The Car

  9. Panic Attack

  10. Watching A Video

  11. The Best Of Me

  12. By Myself

  13. Still Life