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Shades of Yesterday

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Shades of Yesterday is a brand new covers record from 2 x Grammy Award-nominated producer, musician + songwriter, DJ Harrison.

DJ Harrison produced and played almost every instrument on the record himself, making it a truly personal tribute.

Shades of Yesterday is made up of some of Harrison’s favourite tracks, which represent fond memories of his upbringing in Richmond, VA, and time spent with musicians over the years.

The album includes several reimaginings of songs by The Beatles, Steve Wonder, Ohio Players, Donald Fagen + many more!


Side A

1. You Were Too Good To Be True
2. Galaxy
3. IGY 
4. Lil Birdie 
5. Contusion
6. Sweet Sticky Thing

Side B

1. Ebony Moonbeams
2. Together
3. Tomorrow Never Knows ft. Chris Manak
4. L’Anthropofemme 
5. Pling