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Reissue on Selfmadegod Records with completely new artwork by Robert Toderico (Sodom, Pestilence, Sadistic Intent) and bonus demo tracks! Death comes fast! From out of the sewer comes the debut CD from Vacant Coffin. “Sewer Skullpture” is the debut mutant gross-out fest from Finland’s Vacant Coffin! 16 ultra-ripping songs of furious death/grind bathed in slime, guts, and globs of exploded entrails! Features Lasse from the cult early 90’s death metal band Phlegethon and horror doom bastards Hooded Menace! Prepare to be pulled into the sewer of the undead as blistering drum blasts and metallic-death-shredding riffs collide in a fury of glorious terror!

This is total “Grindcrusher-era” death metal/grindcore in the style of the classic early albums from Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Terrorizer. Reissue includes 8-song “The Thrashed Supper” demo as bonus!


  1. Sewer By The Cemetery
  2. Dawn Of The Schizo
  3. Cadaver Sculptor
  4. Sewagehead
  5. Mutant Gross-Out Fest
  6. Leprosarium Tombs 
  7. Posercrushing Crusade
  8. Lunch In Bodybags 
  9. Lunch In Bodybags
  10. Pulled Into The Lake (of The Dead)
  11. The Hand Of Termination
  12. A Shuriken To The Face
  13. Tales Of Suppuration
  14. Get In The Coffin
  15. They Died Hungry... They’re Back Starving!
  16. Gut Worship
  17. Razor Justice
  18. Gut Worship
  19. Posercrushing Crusade
  20. Get In The Coffin
  21. A Shrunken To The Face
  22. Sewagehead
  23. Dawn Of The Schizo
  24. Razor Justice
  25.  Lunch In Bodybags