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Founded in 2010 by four high school students in Sens, Burgundy, Johnny
Mafia has built over time a relentless reputation as a live band.
And in two albums and nearly 250 concerts, has managed to impose itself at
the top of a new French scene. After a second album recorded by Jim Diamond
(The White Stripes, The Fleshtones, The Sonics) and widely acclaimed by the
specialised press, they now turn to local producer Kris Banel, he who is behind
many excellent French punk rock records.

The album was recorded in Warmaudio studio, near Lyon, in spring 2020. Com-
posed over a shorter time period than their previous records, ‘Sentimental’ gains coherence as well as intensity as a consequence. The band moves away from the garage rock that characterized their previous records to leave more room for major influences such as the Pixies. Under powerful walls of guitars, the band piles up furious tracks with indelible refrains, imbued with an astonishing pop sensibility.

‘Sentimental’ shows the band knew exactly where it wanted to go, and crucially
how to get there. It is a spontaneous, uncomplicated and hugely enjoyable indie rock album, a real instant classic.
“Absolute stage smashers.” - ESNS
“An ambitious album, with catchy riffs and melodies so finely chiseled that it is
impossible not to hum them.” - Rolling Stone

Split Tongue / I’m Sentimental / Aria / Phone Number / Trevor Philippe
/ Refused / Love Me Love Me / Problem / TV And Disney / No More Toes / Nail
Gun / Ushuaia / On My Knees