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On the new EP “Senf”, the acoustic guitar gives way to the rolling guitar riffs and pounding tugs of Velvet and Sven, who, supported by Mike’s pumping bass groove, Seb’s sweet keys, Martin’s soul-digging beats and Sasha’s voice, seem to unfold all the more.

Singles such as “Auf Achse” and the lyrically more mature “Affenk nig” show this in the finest way - whereby one could well ask oneself whether Affenk nig is about criticism of an increasingly media undermined polemical politics wannabe elite or simply about the insatiable greed in coke consumption. No matter. As long as the feeling is right. The old dream is neither old nor over. On the contrary. You can only get it now via Spotify - even if it still sounds better on vinyl. People know what’s best for them. And why shouldn’t they be allowed to do that with music? So clean up the turntable and put on Swutscher.

  1. Affenk nig
  2. Auf Achse
  3. Schuften
  4. Nimmersat