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Selassie Is The Chapel

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Selassie is the chapel is a beautiful, spiritual and dream like recording, mad by the young Bob Marley when he had first discovered the Rastafarian religion.

The single is a song taken from the little-known JAD Records catalogue of Bob Marley recordings, which have remained unexploited for some time. 

It was a song which held great meaning and significance for him and was always very important to him.

It is no coincidence that this song, created more than 50 years ago, should resonate with all of us at this time of intense difficulty and unparalleled adversity that is being felt across the world.

Bob Marley's image is known, admired and accepted as a beacon of spiritual hope and unification for people of every race, creed, colour, and gender in every corner of the globe and has been fundamental in connecting people of all countries and faiths for many years. In this dire climate of global distress, deprivation and unrest, world politics is providing us with no solution, but perhaps Bob Marley and this beautiful song will unify us.


1. Selassie Is The Chapel
2. Lick Samba