The Innocence Mission

See You Tomorrow

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The 11th album from Pennsylvania indie band The Innocence Mission fronted by Karen Peris and her husband Don, following 2018's "Sun On The Square". The band recorded "See You Tomorrow" in the Peris’ basement (and the dining room where the piano sits). Karen wrote and sang ten of the album’s eleven songs, and plays guitars, piano, pump organ, accordion, electric bass, melodica, mellotron, and an old prototype strings sampler keyboard. Don contributes guitars, drums, vocal harmonies, and one lead vocal on his song ‘Mary Margaret In Mid-Air’. Fellow founder member Mike Bitts adds upright bass to four songs including ‘On Your Side’, the album’s first single. Sufjan Stevens, who has covered the Innocence Mission’s classic ‘Lakes Of Canada’, once called their music “moving and profound. What is so remarkable about Karen Peris' lyrics is the economy of words, concrete nouns which come to life with melodies that dance around the scale like sea creatures.”

1. The Brothers Williams Said
2. On Your Side
3. Movie
4. We Don’t Know How To Say Why
5. St. Francis and the Future
6. At Lake Maureen
7. John As Well
8. This Boat
9. Mary Margaret In Mid-Air
10. Stars That Fall Away From Us
11. I Would Be There