Jon Gomm

Secrets Nobody Keeps

  • Released: 24/09/2021
  • Label: Kscope
  • Genre: Rock

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Guitar Virtuoso Jon Gomm Announces The Passionflower 10th Anniversary Edition Of ‘Secrets Nobody Keeps’ “One of the world’s most successful, gifted and inspirational guitar players” - Acoustic Magazine Jon Gomm, the UK based acoustic guitar virtuoso, follows the recent release of his latest album ‘The Faintest Idea’ with the reissue of his 2013 record ‘Secrets Nobody Keeps’. The ‘Passionflower’ 10 Year Anniversary Edition marks a decade since the release of his single ‘Passionflower’ that went on to change everything for Jon.

A live video of the single racked up millions of views on YouTube and other media platforms in 2012 - with British legend Stephen Fry describing him on mainstream television as someone “playing the guitar in a way I’d never seen it played before” and “an all-round genius”. ’Secrets Nobody Keeps’ - ‘Passionflower’ 10 Year Anniversary Edition features the original 10 songs alongside a bonus track of the 2020 version of ‘Passionflower’. Despite the huge success of the original track, Jon never recorded a version of ‘Passionflower’ that he’d been 100% happy with. So, he called up an old friend, Australia based producer Andy Sorenson, who took Jon’s raw, intimate solo acoustic performance, and placed it in an expanded landscape which went on to form the sound of last year’s album ‘The Faintest Idea’. Jon adds, “I’m proud of this album. It was difficult to make, but I don’t like music to feel easy, to be purely soft, to offer only comfort and nothing more. I hope you enjoy it the second time around.”


Telepathy ( 05:01 ) / Ain’t Nobody ( 03:44 ) / There’s No Need To Be Afraid ( 05:17 ) / Wukan Motorcycle Kid ( 05:12 ) / Deep Cut ( 06:50 ) / Orville ( The Secret Of Learning To Fly Is Forgetting To Hit The Ground ) ( 05:41 ) / Passionflower ( SNK Version ) ( 06:54 ) / Message In A Bottle ( 05:10 ) / Dance Of The Last Rhino ( 03:21 ) / Everything / You To Me Are Everything / Running Up That Hill ( 09:49 ) / Passionflower ( 2020 Version ) ( 06:47 )