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Sea To Sea

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Sign Libra is the sigil under which Latvian composer and artist Agata Melnikova delivers her mystical, musical musings. "Sea to Sea", Melnikova’s sophomore album, operates at the node between cerebral and celestial, the complex and magnificent systems of our immediate and greater cosmos arranged into exquisite and eccentric sound patterns.
"Closer to the Equator", Melnikova’s debut album (originally released on Sounds of the Dawn, and then Antinote), was composed for a contemporary ballet choreographed by Milana Komarova and performed at the Latvian National Opera in Riga. A microcosmic rendering of rainforest activity equally informed by BBC nature documentaries, the album introduced Melnikova’s penchant for impressionistic, pseudo-anthropological and intimately synthesized environmental visions, executed with detailed and balanced arrangements.


01. Sea of Fecundity
02. Sea of Islands
03. Sea of Waves
04. Sea of Serenity
05. Sea of Vapours
06. Sea of Nectar
07. Sea of Cleverness
08. Sea of Tranquility
09. Sea of Knowledge