Scott Walker

Scott 4

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The fifth solo album from the former Walker brother (a collection of songs he had performed for his BBC television series had been his 4th), originally released in 1969.

His first entirely self-penned album, it features less orchestral arrangements and utilises more of a stripped-back sound with more focus on the rhythm section.

A true maverick classic album, it was names as a favourite of David Bowie and the members of Radiohead.
Side A
1. "The Seventh Seal" 4:58
2. "On Your Own Again" 1:48
3. "The World's Strongest Man" 2:21
4. "Angels of Ashes" 4:22
5. "Boy Child" 3:38
Side B
1. "Hero of the War" 2:29
2. "The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated to the Neo-Stalinist Regime)" 3:43
3. "Duchess" 2:51
4. "Get Behind Me" 3:14
5. "Rhymes of Goodbye" 3:04