Sabbat Matters

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CD & Limited LP

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Gloria return with a slab of psychedelic pagan rock, their first release since the "Hey Gyp" and "Oidophon Echorama" EP's. Their much praised debut album "In Excelsis Stereo" won the heart's of many on both sides of the Channel, notably Shindig! Magazine, Les InRockuptibles and The Times (of London!) from the world of print and 6 Music's Lauren Laverne, Amy Lamé and Gideon Coe being more than generous in their praise and airtime for the Lyonnaise sextet.

Béatrice left to focus on Grand Veymont and Epépé, with the operatically trained Swiss witch Marie Lou replacing her on choral duties. Soon after they decamped to the Valais mountains to record the new material which would make up this very album.

The Sabbat theme had been growing in the mind of Kid Victrola for a number of years. Irremediably associated with witchcraft in France and Switzerland, describing 15-17th century nocturnal gatherings filled with unholy behaviours frowned upon by the more clerically minded. Sabbat Matters is an imaginary pagan festival for your ears, where debauchery, pop and primitive pleasures are celebrated as gods to fend off the evils of the plague and contemporary puritans. Motown, Phil Spector, John Fahey, MC5 and songs of worship and devotion lurk behind the psychedelic choral pop maelstrom which has captivated stages across Europe alongside Altin Gun, Juniore, Slift, The Soundcarriers, and M'dou Moktar in recent years.
Nicole Claveloux, the acclaimed French painter, illustrator and comic book artist
contributed previously unseen period artwork to this release.


1.Sabbat Matters 2.Holy Water 3.Space Rocket 4.Miss Tambourine

5.Skeletons 6.You Had It All 7.Back In Town 8.Dance With Death

9.Night Biting 10.Global Warning