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Founded by members of Ripped To Shreds, Azath, Draghkar. “Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery” is a relentless and vile album which deploys 16 rabid tracks in 15 minutes. Devastating blasts, buzzsaw riffage, and caustic vocals culminate into a volatile auditory attack reminiscent of the earliest days of grindcore with influences from the modern Gulf Coast scene. Surging with the pummeling style of early Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Insect Warfare, Maruta, and P.L.F., “Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery” was mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Weekend Nachos, Nails, Magrudergrind, Wake, Tragedy).

  1. Negative Pressure Pulverization
  2. Mandatory Nuclear Suicide
  3. Parasitic Apathy
  4. Nasogastric Gavage
  5. Aggressive Vehicular Intimidation
  6. Involuntary Dependence
  7. High Altitude Saturation Bombing
  8. Neural Infestation
  9. Shokujinki
  10. Bonehammer
  11. Black Sky
  12. Festering Boils (Repulsion Cover)
  13. Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery
  14. Ceaseless Need For Violence
  15. Mobile Armor
  16. Strange Loops