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You may not realize it, but at some point, during any day, week, or month, you’ve listened to the music of Trevor Rabin. It might have been on the radio when one of the biggest rock hits of all time, Yes’ “Owner of a Lonely Heart “, was played, or on one of his more than 100 movie or TV soundtracks, or even the theme for NBA basketball on TNT. Now he returns with ’Rio’, his first vocal-led solo album since 1989’s ‘Can’t Look Away’. It is a masterclass of idea exploration combined with unbound musical ability and Rabin’s skills as a storyteller through music are present throughout. It is a record full of surprises, gorgeous melodies, dramatic changes, and incredible musicianship.


1 Big Mistakes
2 Push
3 Oklahoma
4 Paradise
5 Thandi
6 Goodbye
7 Tumbleweed
8 These Tears
9 Egoli
10 Toxic
11 Spek & Polly
12 Fragile
13 Georgia