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Return To Y'Hup - The World Of Ivor Cutler

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Citizen Bravo, Raymond MacDonald and a host of friends from the crème de la crème of Scotland’s music scene present Return To Y'Hup: The World of Ivor Cutler, a celebration of the life and work of an artist of unrivalled musical and poetic vision. This ambitious project is a pioneering experiment in the field of imaginary archaeology: a sonic conjuring of a decades-old fictional island.

The underlying concept of the album was to resurrect the mythical island of Y’Hup - a territory which Ivor Cutler dreamt up and described throughout his early recordings. Here, the island has been populated with distinct Scottish voices alongside new arrangements of Cutler's music, featuring a large number of high profile guest artists, including: Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Tracyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura), Kris Drever (Lau), Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand), Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian), Pictish Trail, Emma Pollock (Delgados), Karine Polwart, Rick Redbeard (Phantom Band) and James Yorkston. Visiting the island as distinguished guests are two English vocalists, Phyllis King (Ivor Cutler’s longtime companion and collaborator) and living legend, Robert Wyatt.

Noting Cutler’s absence from an exhibit about the history of Scottish pop music at the National Museum of Scotland, Matt Brennan (Citizen Bravo) and saxophonist/composer Raymond McDonald (Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra) decided to set the record straight. They wanted to pay homage and re-affirm Cutler’s status as a national treasure, uniting their two very different two musical backgrounds in a freaky and fruitful collaboration. The core team was completed by producers Malcolm Benzie (eagleowl and Withered Hand) and Andy Monaghan (member of much missed Frightened Rabbit).

Album proceeds will be donated to the registered mental health charity, the Philadelphia Association (founded by Scottish psychiatrist - and Mr Cutler's contemporary - RD Laing), as per the wishes of Mr Cutler's son Jeremy.

1 Here's A Health For Simon
2 Latitude And Longitude (with Phyllis King)
3 Size Nine And A Half (with Emma Pollock)
4 Mary's A Cow (with Malcolm Benzie)
5 Instance The Yam (with Alex Kapranos)
6 Pickle Your Knees (with Karine Polwart)
7 Gravity Begins At Home (with Rick Redbeard)
8 A Cow Puncher And A Bird (with Zoe Graham)
9 Boo Boo Bird (with Heather Leigh)
10 Vitamin P (with Duglas T. Stewart)
11 Green Rain (with Sarah Hayes)
12 A Tooth Song (with Adam Stafford)
13 Sh Chi (with Stuart Murdoch)
1 Women Of The World (with Tracyanne Campbell)
2 A Real Man (with James Yorkston)
3 Yellow Fly (with Kris Drever)
4 Shoplifters (with Future Pilot AKA vs. Stranded Astronaut)
5 The Path (with Stuart Braithwaite)
6 Muscular Tree (with Megan Airlie & Limelight Ensemble)
7 Who Tore Your Trousers James? (with Rachel Sermanni & Chris Thomson)
8 I Got No Common Sense
9 When I Stand On An Open Cart (with Kapil Seshasayee)
10 I Believe In Bugs (with Jo Mango)
11 Good Morning! How Are You? Shut Up! (with Pictish Trail)
12 Out Of Decency (with Robert Wyatt)
13 Beautiful Cosmos (with Anna Miles)