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With numerous blues music award honours already under his belt, Mike provides a remedy for ravenous ears, and he unleashes 11 of the most exquisite Blues, Rock, n Soul treasures on ‘Resurrection’.  

Brimming with deep and nail-biting melodies, which not only showcase Zito’s strengths as a composer, with eight original songs that sparkle, but also as an  interpreter of other compositions. Scintillating and influential takes on tunes from JJ Cale (“I’ll Make Love To You”), Eric Clapton (“Presence of the Lord”) and  Willie Dixon (“Evil”) round out the album.  

Producing the new release is the highly commended Grammy-winner David Z, best known for his long-standing work with Prince. He has also contributed to albums by Etta James, Billy Idol, BoDeans, Buddy Guy and John Mayall, among many others. Plus, joining vocalist/guitarist Zito, are many musicians who’ve played with him for several years, including Matthew Johnson on the drums. Doug Byrkit plays the bass guitar, Lewis Stephens at the piano and organ, Zach Zito on the acoustic guitar and backing vocalist Lisa Andersen.  

Mike’s personal message hits home from the outset, with him pouring raw emotion and melancholy into every vocal hook. It is an album about resurgence, with Mike citing it as a ‘rebirth’; it truly is the light at the end of the tunnel for what has been a year to overlook. Also, the striking guitar riffs cut through the mix sharper than the serpent’s tooth. Likewise, the bluesy flow which springs out of each track is compelling, and Mike Zito recaptures the rock n soul soundscape, which shone yesteryear but in a new light.


I’ll Make Love To You / Don’t Bring Me Down / Dreaming Of You / In My Blood / Presence Of The Lord / When It Rains / You Don’t Have Me / Damned If I Do / Running Man / Evil / Resurrection