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Debut album from Austin-based Parisian Lou Rebecca after a well-received EP early in 2018.
Born and raised in Paris as the daughter of accomplished musicians, Lou started playing piano at the age of five and
received an early education in the history of jazz, classical music and film scores. Lou grew to become a prolific
songwriter and skilled vocalist, moving through phases in everything from rock to disco while continually adding to
her repertoire of talents in each successive stage. In 2014, she began exploring the world of synthesizers and
composing with electronics rather than traditional instruments, sparking her true artistic voice and partially inspiring her to relocate to the U.S.A. the following year.
1. Waiting (3:19)
2. Break It Apart (3:59)
3. Desire (3:31)
4. Bonbon (3:43)
5. More (3:50)
6. Restless (3:56)
7. Créature (4:07)
8. Miaou Disc-0 (2:15)
9. Almost (3:56)
10. To Keep You (2:20)