Vivien Goldman

Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982)

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"Resolutionary" takes us through Vivien's first three musical formations: first as a member of experimental British New Wavers The Flying Lizards; next as a solo artist, with her single "Launderette," featuring postpunk luminaries; and then as half of the Parisian duo Chantage, with Afro-Parisian chanteuse Eve Blouin. Goldman's synthesis of post-colonial rhythms and experimental sounds are threaded together by her canary vocal tones and womanist themes. Her eclectic musical crew included PiL's John Lydon, Keith Levene and Bruce Smith; avantgardists Steve Beresford and David Toop; The Raincoats' Vicky Aspinall; the mighty Robert Wyatt; Zaire's Jerry Malekani; Manu Dibango's guitarist; and Viv Albertine, then of her good friends, the Slits. The majority of the tracks were produced by dubmaster Adrian Sherwood, and Resolutionary channels the history of a time when the bon-vivant voice of music was in the air, and Vivien Goldman was its eyes, ears, and mouth.


Vivien Goldman - Launderette
Vivien Goldman - Private Armies
Vivien Goldman - P.A. Dub
The Flying Lizards - Her Story
The Flying Lizards - The Window
Chantage - It's Only Money
Chantage - Same Thing Twice
Chantage - Tu M'Fais Rire