Renee Reed

Renee Reed

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Limited LP : Indies Exclusive Metallic Gold Vinyl

LP : Standard Black Vinyl

CD / Cassette

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Renee Reed's debut album is a warm lo-fi folk album that blends the Cajun music she was raised on with 60s French pop to create something noirish and intriguing. Self-labeled "dream-fi folk from the Cajun prairies," Renée released her first two songs in 2020 "Out Loud" in May and "Until Tomorrow" in July, which Gorilla vs. Bear described as "an effortless, inspired union of the haunting folk music that Reed was raised on and a lilting, lost '60s French-pop gem." Renée's statement on "Fast One" and her album: "Full of anger over the shallow, shitty behavior of certain acquaintances I’ve had over the last few years, people who assume they know more about me than I do. But I leave things open to change and growth."

"This album is a collection of songs about toxic relationships, seeing ghosts, ancestral baggage and blessings, and daydreaming about love. It is about certain feelings and experiences I’ve had over my life coming to fruition in the past three years. It was all made on a four track recorder at home, in a place and in a way I feel most natural, and I believe that quality comes through in the sound."  Press quotes: "And while Renée’s music is certainly informed by these deep roots, her dark dreamlike folk has more in common with contemporaries like Cate Le Bon and Jessica Pratt. It’s also not unlike the intangible magic contained in Mazzy Star’s songs." Music Won't Save You //

"Reed is a strange marriage between Mazzy Star and Adrianne Lenker. The track is foggy and disorienting with moments of brightness that fade as quickly as they come. With such an oddly satisfying debut released via Austin label Keeled Scales, I am inclined to believe her when she sings, “who am I? / you’re about to find out.” The Wild Honey Pie //

"As her vocals glide like a night bird singing towards the light of the moon, the soft guitar helps sway the airy sound into your ears. The way the song feels simple but has more complexities is one thing. However Reed’s vocals are the clear winner here, offering a sound that’s as hypnotic as it is engaging." Closed Captioned 


1. Out Loud
2. I Saw A Ghost
3. Little Flower Dance
4. Fast One
5. Neboj 
6.  Où est la fée
7. Until Tomorrow
8. Your Seventh Moon
9. The Ash
10. Fool to the Fire
11. If Only We Could
12. Drunken Widow’s Waltz