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It’s hard to believe that "Reflections" is Hannah Diamond’s debut album, after her role in reshaping pop as part of PC Music. "Reflections" is home to some of the most touching songs about fractured relationships you’ll hear on planet pop. Polished, flawless, glossy pop perfection, "Reflections" is a soul-bearing record that tells the world who Hannah Diamond truly is. It’s Hannah Diamond through and through: soaring, skewed dance-pop production – all songs produced by A. G. Cook – paired with her frank, approach to songwriting. That’s the universal beauty of a Hannah Diamond song; you know exactly what she’s singing about, and you’ve undoubtedly felt it too.


1. Reflections
2. Invisible
3. Love Goes On
4. Never Again
5. True
6. Concrete Angel
7. The Ending
8. Shy
9. Fade Away
10. Make Believe