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Definitive re-issue of this classic debut album from ‘86 by this truly cult Thrash Metal band from LA/California. Commemorating 30 years, this 2-CD includes all their demos & unreleased tracks as well as both CATALEPSY demos!!
This release comes in form of a 2-CD containing two bonus on CD1 with re-recorded versions of two album tracks (one being the instrumental track "Catalepsy" but here with original lyrics), made in 2010 and sung by current vocalist Tiina Teal. On CD2 there's 19 songs from the band's demos recorded in '84, '87 and '89 plus two unreleased songs recorded live and rehearsal in '85 and the two only demos by Catalepsy from '87 and '88. All songs comes with remastered sound and packed with a complete presentation full of band photos, flyers, lyrics and extensive liner notes from Steve Hochheiser.

 1. Losers
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. It's Your Fate
  4. Holy War
  5. Catalepsy
  6. Shattered Illusions
  7. Life Is Pain
  8. Blood I Bleed
  9. Widows Walk
  10. Vultures in the Sky
  11. Blood I Bleed (2010)
  12. Genocide (2010)
  13. Holy War (1984)
  14. Widows Walk (1984)
  15. Shattered Illusions (1983)
  16. Vultures in the Sky (1983)