Snoop Dogg

R & G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece

  • Released: 15/11/2019
  • Label: UMC
  • Genre: Hip-Hop

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The 7th Snoop Dogg album, originally released in 2004. It includes the singles "Drop It Like It's Hot", "Let's Get Blown", "Signs" and "Ups And Downs" and features guest performances from Pharrell Williams, Bootsy Collins, The Bee Gees, Lil Jon, Trina, Charlie Wilson, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Soopafly and Nelly.


(Intro) I Love To Give You Light 2:38
Bang Out 3:05
Drop It Like It's Hot 4:26
Can I Get A Flicc Witchu 5:24
Every Dogg Has His Day (Interlude)
Ups & Downs 4:07
The Bidness 3:28
Snoop D.O. Double G 4:01
Let's Get Blown 4:40
Step Yo Game Up 4:23
Perfect 5:50
WBALLZ (Interlude) 0:21
Fresh Pair Of Panties On 2:38
Promise I 3:18
Say What Again (Interlude)
Oh No 4:09
Can U Control Yo Hoe 3:08
Signs 3:56
I'm Threw Witchu 4:22
Pass It Pass It 4:32
Girl Like U 4:35
No Thang On Me 4:40