Push Life

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Their style is indefinable, their stage presence immense, their creativity boundless: ÄTNA have achieved what many consider impossible in these times. From the underground to one of the most sought-after live acts in Europe and, at the same time, one of the most innovative new electronic music projects.

The mission statement was as steep as it was hard for the duo, and yet, at least since their impressive debut, ÄTNA only know one direction: up. "Push Life" is new, strange in the best of all senses, surprising, brave, danceable, playful, contradictory, multi-leafed and detailed, challenging, sensual, accessible and rewarding for all who embark on the journey of discovery. And ÄTNA are the one-in-a-million artist behind it, who just displayed their sheer uniqueness once again.


1. Anymore
2. Smile
3. Trick By Trick
4. Aye Aye
5. Lonely
6. Weirdo
7. I See Love
8. Autobahn
9. Flow
10. Goodbye