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Originally formed by Toby Baxter (Guitar/Vocals) and Danny Brooks (Drums/Vocals), and later joined by Jack Daley (Bass), the band honed their expansive sound in London after migrating from the seaside town of Bognor Regis. Their musical influences range from the prog elements of My Bloody Valentine and Broadcast to the dramatism of 19th century composers such as Eric Satie, Wagner, Mahler and Liszt. ‘Preface’ is an example of how MOHIT expertly collage different concepts together to create a whole. A deeply personal sonic exploration, the 9 tracks that make up ‘Preface’ were borne out of improvisation sessions and a shared need to create something that was both outwardly challenging yet intimate and meditative.

1. Racek
2. Ffion
3. Discover Another
4. Reggaeezer
5. Steady Evil
6. (I Would Never Wash My Hair In That) Water
7. Yoghurt
8. Infinite Decay
9. Hiccups