Early Day Miners

Placer Found (20th Anniversary Edition)

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“A whisper awash in celestial din, Placer Found establishes the sonic and emotional palette that would come to define Dan Burton’s work as Early Day Miners. This is music that rewards patience, and reveals itself more with each listen. There’s a deep clarity within the soft focus - equal parts lost and found. Everything in its right place.

We need this music now more than ever.” - Charlie Hall, The War on Drugs
“I knew anything Burton created would be worth my time and attention, but I wasn’t quite prepared for how “Placer Found” would affect me — or how it still does. As someone whose friends describe as “instantly nostalgic,” I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect soundtrack to the competing impulses of missing my life in Indiana and pretending to be a professional adult in the Big Apple in my early 20s. It makes me think of otherworldly Indiana and Kentucky nights that never seemed to end. Kissing my girlfriend under an impossibly starry sky. Wondering what I was doing on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. After all these years, I return to “Placer Found” often, not only when I need to nourish those memories, but when I’m ready to make new ones.

For nearly 20 years, the music on “Placer Found” has fed my soul in a way few albums ever have. I hope it might do the same for you.” - Jonathan Cohen

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