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Pink Tiger

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Limited 2LP

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Pink Tiger is a 2-LP, 22-song epic return by Vancouver's DIY superheroes Apollo Ghosts LP 1, 'Pink', tracks 1-11, is an intimate home recorded acoustic based cycle that grapples with loss, illness, death, and memory. LP 2, 'Tiger', tracks 12-22, is an exuberant indie-garage rock celebration of the persistence of friendship, music, and hope. Apollo Ghosts draw on a long history of independent and locally focused music making, from Flying Nun to K Records to their own Vancouver scene, to reinvigorate indie guitar rock songwriter with ambition and poise.


Pink Tiger / Melatonin 5G / Cloud Hotel / But I'll Be Around (Acoustic Version) / Rookery / To Set The King Bloom / Morning Voice / Deodor / Anxious Love, Pt. 2 / Dirty Spoons / Surfer's Ear / Spilling Yr Guts / Heroic Dose / OK Soda / But I'll Be Around (Electric Version) / Soft American / Pink Boys / Peace Motive / Acid Jenny / Gentlemen Go To Heaven / Golden Teacher / Island Kids