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Perfect Vision

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Limited LP: Crystal Clear Vinyl 

LP: Standard Black Vinyl 

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Thalia Zedek is an artist of immutable stature and unceasing vitality. The legendary songwriter’s fiery voice and frank lyricism give her songs emotional potency and stark beauty. Zedek is able to distill complex events into simple, clear and, at times, monumentally weighty moments with a singular grace. Through ballads or bluster, Zedek imbues her music with unguarded honesty. ‘Perfect Vision’ examines the anxiety and pain of rising divisions between people both physical and ideological. Zedek transmutes fervour and resilience into sobering laments, while her lush arrangements wrap the listener in an often complex emotional message. 

‘Perfect Vision’ follows the 2018 ‘Fighting Season’, created in the midst of growing tensions across the US. On ‘Fighting Season’ Zedek sought resistance, where on ‘Perfect Vision’ she searches for clarity during a time of exponential isolation and doubt. Every challenge and sadness Zedek forces us to see is met in equal measure by her defiant guitar and dissenting voice, a torch illuminating a path for the listener to navigate through the darkness. 

Features Winston Braman, Gavin McCarthy (E, Karate) and guests Brian Carpenter (Beat Circus, Ghost Train Orchestra), Alison Chesley (Helen Money), David Michael Curry (Boxhead Ensemble, Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble, Willard Grant Conspiracy), Mel Lederman (Victory at Sea) and Karen Sarkisian.

CD in gatefold packaging with lyrics. LP in full colour jacket and inner sleeve with lyrics. Vinyl packaged with digital download card. 

Also available to independent retailers on crystal clear vinyl.  


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