James Taylor Quartet

People Get Ready (We're Moving On)

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A bona fide legend of the acid jazz / jazz funk scene, James Taylor returns with a stunning new James Taylor Quartet record, "People Get Ready (We’re Moving On)". 

In the Artist's words: -
“Along with a desire to develop the breakthrough sound of JTQ + orchestra debuted on Soundtrack of Electric Black, I also wanted to make a record to showcase outstanding soul voices. Reaching back and re-examining the crossover work I did thirty years ago with the UK’s finest soul singer Noel McKoy, combined with the discovery of the stunning soulful vocal talent in the form of Natalie Williams, I was drawn to write a funk vocal album for these outstanding voices, but now incorporating these new orchestral ideas. With JTQ still gigging heavily, we have developed our sound and matured to become rhythmically stronger than ever. Coupling this with the supercharged support of Audio Network which gave us access to Abbey Road Studios, we had the perfect recipe for creating something special. I hope you enjoy this album half as much as we did making it!
People....Get Ready....We’ve moved on!“
James Taylor, 2020


1. A Giant Leap
2. Who’s Gonna Break The News? feat. Natalie Williams
3. People Get Ready (We’re Moving On)
4. Get Out And Walk
5. Boogie On Through The Night
6. Street Hustle Interlude
7. Smokin’ The Future feat. Noel McKoy
8. Living On The Front Line feat. Natalie Williams
9. Newsflash​
10. Baby Come Back feat. Noel McKoy
11. Tomorrow’s Sun