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Peace of Mind

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Music has always been a key part of Peace’s life. Since the age of 17 he’s been heavily involved in it, from watching his brother making music to being a part of Ammi Boyz. He started to build his name and a bit of a small cult fan base, mainly due to crashing sets and rapping nursery rhymes.

Peace’s new EP, “Peace of Mind”, marks a transition toward a heavier Brit Pop/Indie Sleaze sound influenced by notable UK bands from the 90s/2000’s such as: Blur, Bloc party, Arctic Monkeys & The Wombats

Produced by the legendary Mati Schwartz (Yungblud, Massive Attack), “Peace of Mind” is, at its heart, a coming of age record.



1. Country Life

2. Achilles Heel

3. Veronica


1. Groundhog Day

2. Kaleidoscope