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Sharp, clawing chords backed by artillery percussion. Wry lyrics sung loud, often with close harmony. 

Energy erupts from the stage, flowing like a palpable wave through the audience. Before long, you’re stomping along, an arm thrown over a friend’s shoulder, heads tilted back in chorus. An Ottoman Turks show is akin to a religious experience. If you didn’t believe in rock and roll before, you will by the show’s end.  

But unlike many bands, Ottoman Turks is no single thing, easily defined. You could simplify it - a four-piece band, born in Dallas, friends from high school who love to play music. You could see the cowboy hats and call it country. You could hear the guitars and call it rock. You could assume a single member drives the unique sound. But to simplify the band is to ignore its true nature - and its greatest aspect.


Wound Up / Vaquero / Travelin’ Blues / Conspiracy Freak / 35 To Life / Cigarettes and Alcohol / Low Down Blue Dog Whine / Zootstackin Lightnin’ / American Male / Militant Preacher / Rootless Tree