Ophelia’s Shadow

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Limited LP: Translucent Aqua Vinyl

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Issued on vinyl for the first time since 1991. Toyah’s personal favourite album of her catalogue, “Ophelia’s Shadow” (1991), features a band line-up including Trey Gunn on stick, Paul Beavis on drums and Tony Geballe on guitar. Two tracks, “Brilliant Day” and “Lords Of The Never Known” feature Robert Fripp and were originally played live by the band Sunday All Over The World (Toyah, Fripp, Beavis, Gunn).

  1. Ophelia’s Shadow
  2. The Shaman Says
  3. Brilliant Day
  4. Prospect
  5. Turning Tide
  6. Take What You Will
  7. Ghost Light
  8. The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself
  9. Homeward
  10. Lords Of The Never Known