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LP : 140 Gram / Full Colour Gatefold Sleeve / LTD to 500 Copies / Online Retail Exclusive

CD :  8 Panel Digi Pack with Separate Lyric Sheet

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D:Ream release their first album in 10 years, although many would think 26 years, as their last album, ‘In Memory Of’, was criminally ignored.

The band have gone back to their roots with ten tracks that, whilst retaining a feel of the early nineties, manages sound bang up to date. The trademark pianos, trumpets, strings an Occasional anthemic backing vocals are all there, mixed with plenty of live percussive elements and smatterings of guitars. The album has been written, played and produced by Pete and Al, much of it during lockdown, and it is clear they have matured in all of these areas. 

It’s an album of hope and optimism, mixing more serious themes, as in ‘Emperors Of The Night’ and ‘Universal Mother’ with the random playful funkiness of ‘Skin Tight’ and ‘Look At The Stars Now, Mama’ to the downright optimism of the excellent ‘Many Hands’ and ‘Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down’. Also included is the first single form the album, and for many the standout track, “Meet Me At Midnight’, an almost Bond theme like masterpiece which, unlike their last album, is the only track that allows them a bit of musical self-indulgence in its fabulous instrumental outro. Even with that, the album clocks in at under 40 minutes so you never manage to get bored. In fact, you want to play it all over again!

Pete Cunnah’s voice is sounding better than ever. The years have clearly been kind to him there. There are shaded of a certain George Michael on a few of the tracks, which can’t be a bad thing, surely?

An absolute ‘must have’ for any fans of the band from back in the day and well worth the listen for anyone who likes their music pop, but not too poppy! 

1. Many Hands
2. Don't Let The Bastards Bring You Down
3. Meet Me At Midnight
4. Skin Tight
5. I Used To Believe In Love
6. Selfies From Ibiza
7. Look At The Stars Now, Mama
8. Make Love Cool Again
9. Emperors Of The Night
10. Universal Mother