Domination Campaign

Onward To Glory

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Domination Campaign was started in Hobart Tasmania in late 2019 by Psycroptic vocalist Jason Peppiatt as a solo studio project. Jason began work in Crawlspace studios in December 2019 with fellow Psycroptic band mate and studio engineer Joe Haley. Once recording began Joe was recruited to also play drums on the album and the duo had their sights set on recording an over the top, heavy, straight down the line, crushing old school death metal album. Nothing fancy or technical just big simple heavy riffs and massive mid paced drum beats. Lyrical topics are loosely based on events of various wars in history. Their debut album ‘Onward to glory’ was completed in July 2020 with all recording, mixing and mastering done by Joe Haley and album art done by Jason Peppiatt.

1. Death Before Dishonour
2. Onward To Glory
3. As Daylight Breaks
4. The Snipers Gaze
5. A Modern Age of War
6. Against The Odds
7. Terror From Above
8. The Domination Campaign