Dylan Moon

Only The Blues

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Broadly speaking, Dylan Moon works in the field of folk music but this bedroom-recorded album incorporates electronic elements, processed guitars and drum machines.

The album was recorded in Moon’s bedrooms in L.A. and Boston, small spaces made more claustrophobic by the
soundproofing he hammered into the doors and the bedding he leaned against the walls. A single soul, spinning away
(and out) in a cramped room: It’s a state of mind — and being — that Moon used his formal training to refine across
"Only The Blues".
A1. Hope Dog (1:42)
A2. Death Warmed (2:32)
A3. Rosy (1:50)
A4. Chimneys (2:55)
A5. A Witch (1:46)
A6. Analog (2:08)
A7. Blue Jean (3:40)
B1. Collapse (1:33)
B2. Song For Jerry (3:18)
B3. Interlude (1:44)
B4. Lines (3:03)
B5. Faraway Places (1:51)
B6. Morning Limbo (2:14)
B7. Mind Troubles (3:49)