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The 2nd album from Ghanaian vocalist Pat Thomas in collaboration with the Kwashibu Area Band, following their eponymous 2015 album.

The album, produced again by Kwame Yeboah and Ben Abarbanel-Wolff at Lovelite Studio’s analogue HQ in Berlin, is a deep and soulful journey into the heart of Ghana’s indigenous highlife music celebrating the timeless and iconic voice of Pat Thomas, the 72 year-old “Golden Voice of Africa”.

The new album is called ‘Obiaa!’ which means ‘Everybody!’. Tracks include the modern parables ‘Onfa Nkosi Hwee’
warning against arrogance and ‘Odo Ankasa’ about the value of real love and trust as well as a great new cover of
Thomas’ Afro-disco favourite ‘Yamona’. “Playing highlife around the world taught us what we had to do to move our
sound forward,” continues Ben.
A1. Onfa Nkosi Hwee
A2. Yamona
B1. Bubu
B2. Atesem
C1. Obi Nfreno
C2. Odo Ankasa
D1. Okomfe Bone
D2. Ntobuase
D3. Obinim
1. Onfa Nkosi Hwee
2. Yamona
3. Bubu
4. Atesem
5. Obinim
6. Obi Nfreno
7. Ntobuase
8. Odo Ankasa
9. Okomfe Bone