Not So Manic Now (Acoustic) / Free As A Bird

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Limited 7" : Red Vinyl

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"We’ve recorded an intimate and homely acoustic version of Not So Manic Now to celebrate the 25th birthday of Disgraceful. It’s out now digitally, but we’re also releasing a souvenir 7” to commemorate the occasion. The b-side is a cover of Free As A Bird. Why? When our debut album came out in 1995, werealised that it was coincidentally John Lennon’s birthday, and when Not So Manic Nowwas in the Top 20, Free As A Bird was too, which gave us the unexpected privilege ofbeing in the charts at the same time as the Beatles. Including it here seems to heightenthe nostalgia of the occasion, as it were."


A. Not So Manic Now
B. Free As A Bird